Dear Tod: Thank you so much for the stellar work you did for our group last weekend. The food was out of this world, a total treat for parents who feel obligated to cook so many times, and who rarely get to notice what they eat, or eat in peace. Your artistry and caring make our retreat a true respite. Who you are also makes a difference—we all can tell that we’re blessed by your intelligence and attention.

Thank you. I hope we can have the benefit of your time and skill next summer!
— Gratefully, Patty Hand in Hand Founder & Program Director
Thanks so much. Your meals were delicious, beautifully presented, wonderfully nutritious – and perhaps most importantly, supportive of this body and mind engaged in intensive meditation. Great job!
Wow! Your kitchen arts, dedication to food that nourishes all levels and delights the taste buds continually ‘wows’. Thanks!
Such a gift to have wonderful food prepared for everyone. It meets my need for nourishment, ease and pleasure as well! Thank you.
Much gratitude for the quality and care in your preparing and serving of the meals.
Thank you for the wonderful food you served. It was healthy and delicious. Everyone was talking about how tasty it was all week.
Eggs Florentine... A lesson in love... Clearly you love cooking, healthy foods, people! Gracias
I love your cooking. I’ve often made the Singapore Street Noodles that you made for us last year. I love the wholesome ingredients that you use.
You know what you’re about in the kitchen! I’m amazed at how each meal was served perfectly on time, to the minute. A beautiful job of orchestration.
You get better and better. You should think about opening your own cooking school.
Not only is your food delicious and beautiful and healthy, we all learn a lot from you about cooking
I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful food you created for our party. I’m sure you heard the rave reviews from many of the guests. You are an incredible artist, and your dishes absolutely made the event special and enjoyable for everyone.
Can we take you home with us?