Good food is one of life's greatest simple pleasures. All the more so when prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients. Not only is it a pleasure to eat such food, but also a declaration of what we want and value in the world. In a world that's getting faster every day, good food reminds us to slow down and enjoy the moment. Through my work I seek to provide an experience of just how meaningful the moment can be.

Cooking from the Heart: A Cooking Retreat

March 8-10, 2019

The Program

Spend a fun weekend in the kitchen with Chef Tod, you will deepen your theoretical and practical understanding of food preparation and hone your culinary skills under the guidance of one of the Quaker Center's most requested chefs. You will have the opportunity to create several delicious dishes, with both vegetarian and meat options on the menu. As you cook under Tod's guidance, you will:

  • Gain confidence in your ability to create something delicious with whatever is on hand

  • Learn the basic fundamental concepts of cooking

  • Increase your understanding of how techniques and ingredients combine to make simple things perfect

  • Practice shortcuts and techniques for speed and efficiency

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My passion for creating good food insures that whatever the event, large or small, the memories it creates will be cherished forever.

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Good food, good music, good company - what more is there to life?

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